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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a framework of technical and operational requirements set by the PCI Security Standard Council to protect cardholder data.

Every organisation, merchant or service provider that processes, stores or transmits payment card data must respect the standard requirements that can be summarized like this:

“Never store sensitive authentication data after authorisation, including those printed on a card, or stored on its magnetic stripe or chip, and personal identification numbers entered by the cardholder”

Whether you are in the early stages of evaluation or looking more closely at how to implement compliant security processes and protocol, Jumper can provide you with all the elements necessary to reach full PCI compliance and with specialist advice and insight on compliance requirements. 

Based on the PCI certified experience of his assessors and to the ISO 27001 guidelines, Jumper process-driven tailored approach to PCI certification is a step-by-step process made of:


  • PCI DSS Scoping – determine what system components are governed by PCI DSS
  • Sampling – examine the compliance of a subset of system components in scope
  • Compensating –  validate alternative control technologies/processes
  • Reporting – merchant/organisation submits required documentation

But the process doesn’t terminate with the certification – we want to be your “partner” 365 day a year and build a trustworthy relationship with you that goes beyond PCI-DSS thanks to Jumper’s experience in IT security management.


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