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As every security practitioner knows, there will always be times when proactive, preventative controls are not enough; information security incidents are inevitable — it is not a matter of "if," but rather "when." Once an incident occurs, the focus shifts to detection and response.

Jumper provides a CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) service realized by a team of security experts supporting the customers’ security management team or his SOC with security events handling.

The incident-response service is part of a comprehensive set of outsourced CSIRT activities dedicated to large enterprises and public sector clients, which can pick up the subset of services fitting their needs among:

  • Reactive Services - designed to respond to requests for assistance, reports of incidents or attacks against client's systems, including.
    • direct on-site assistance to help the customer recover from an incident;
    • Support to the coordination of the response effort among parties involved in the incident (i.e. customer’s SOC).


  • Proactive Services, designed to prevent incidents and reduce their impact and scope when they do occur, including:
    • Announcement, guidelines, or recommendations focused at more medium- to long-term security issues;
    • Suggestions in configuration updates and maintenance of security tools and services (such as IDS, network scanning or monitoring systems, firewalls, VPN, etc.);




  • Security Quality Management Services, are designed to improve the overall security of an organization, including:
    • Vulnerability assessment and mitigation;
    • Providing information to constituents about IT security issues   through seminars, workshops, courses, and tutorials;
    • Preparing recommendations or identifying requirements for securing new systems, software applications, or enterprise-wide business processes.




So, why Jumper C-SIRT should be part of your organisation security management strategy?


  • To reduce incident duration and impact, decreasing recovery costs and downtime
  • To facilitate compliance with Information Security Management System (ISMS) frameworks (i.e. ISO 2700x)
  • To facilitate the prosecution of attackers in cases of intellectual property theft and financial fraud.



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